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What is Mutual Space?

Mutual Space explores the use of craft and the depths of its qualities.  An exhibition featuring installations from Roberto Lugo (Ceramics ’12), Ashley Lugo (Fiber ’12), Alora Wilde (Fiber ’12), and Lora Campbell (Ceramics ’11) all from the Kansas City Art Institute.

An interdisciplinary artist, Roberto Lugo uses clay as a canvas. His functional ceramic objects spotlight societal issues such as race and status. Alora Wilde creates work that explores ideas about internal and external comfort and discomfort by creating environments for the viewer to interact with. Ashley Lugo’s work is based on the accumulation of moments comprised of tangible objects dealing with memory and nostalgia. Lora Campbell’s Ceramic work uses space as an integral element. The following is an excerpt from her artist statement “I celebrate and grieve the similarities I share with my figurative sculptures; they are self- examinations”.

Mutual Space is an exhibit by four different artists from completely different places exploring the depths in which the materials they work with affect them. Although Ceramics and Fiber have historically been used to create functional objects, the artists of Mutual Space use their mediums to illustrate why these materials are important and how can craft function, not only in the tangible, but in the spirit. Both the works we make and the affect they render will be here long after we are gone.

Four artists have rented a space for a two night pop-up exhibition:

Roberto Lugo

Ashley Lugo

Alora Wilde

Lora Campbell

Sneak Peek: Thursday May 3, 2012 from 6pm-9pm

Opening Reception: May 4, 2012 6pm-9pm during First Friday

Address: 229 Southwest Boulevard Kansas city, Mo 64108

See you there!

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